Monday, December 26, 2011

losing my religion

A time comes when I have to leave behind all that I am familiar with and grew up with, discarding it all for a new season.

It's not very healthy to attach yourself to one thing too much, I always tell myself. Don't attach yourself to the people around you, because they're bound to leave sooner or later. That's the one thing I try to keep, but then I'll attach myself instead to other things which are more unhealthy: experiences, moments, policies, tradition and the thing we call religion.

Then I go through that cycle of unhinging myself from things which I have held on to too tightly, to cling on instead to the eternal hope that is God. I find a peace when I trust in God and attach myself to Him and His promises. Holding on tighter to my encounters with him, my heart feels a joy that no one else gives.

That beautiful encounter with God, that is something you have to experience yourself. :)

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