Friday, March 11, 2016

The Leal Senado Building, Macau

This is the Leal Senado in Macau. It is a legislative building in the city and overlooks Senado Square, a popular tourist hotspot you can't miss while in Macau (the last photo in this post, with the iconic black and yellow mosaic). Today, the Leal Senado houses an exhibition gallery/museum and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

It is open to visitors daily, and when I was there, provided a respite from the drizzle outside. When here, walk to the garden at the back which houses a bust of Luis Vas de Camoes, a Portuguese poet who was also an officer in Macau back in the days.

I love the blue and white tiles present throughout the building - a common art style among the Portuguese, which also lends an air of serenity throughout. 

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