Friday, October 30, 2015

#mymacau | Long Wa Tea House, Macau

One of the more charming spots we visited while in Macau was this 60-year old tea house, Long Wa Tea House. Known by its Portuguese name, Casa de Cha Long Wa (casa = house, cha = tea?), this establishment hasn't aged a day! It even has its own Lonely Planet page.

We started our day here with a hearty dim sum breakfast, washed down with top quality Chinese teas. Their specialty teas include the Dong Zeng "dancing tea", Guan Yin tea and other various teas.

Food-wise, we had a very local breakfast. Due to its proximity to Hong Kong/China and similarities in culture, you will find that the Chinese cuisine in Macau doesn't differ too much from either. We had tasty whole steamed chicken, stuffed brinjal (my favourite!), fried flat noodles with beef, something like Cantonese yin yong (so yummy), pork buns, siew mai and steamed cake.

As you can see, Long Wa has a super cool vintage vibe that's been well preserved, right down to the Mao Zedong posters on the wall. What I love about this place is also its large windows that let in natural light. It's a perfect spot for whiling the day away or to grab a quick breakfast before hitting Macau's city center! Add this to your must-visit while in Macau. 

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