Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Imitation Game & Suicide Squad Sneak Peek

Watched The Imitation Game recently, and I rate it above The Maze Runner. And because it has Benedict Cumberbatch, I also rate it above this year's Avengers movie.

The Imitation Game is a story about Alan Turing, a mathematician who cracked the German-made and owned Enigma machine/code during the World War II. The device he created, the Turing machine, became known as the rough prototype of the now-known-as Computer. Amazing! But he died young, committing suicide after a year of being exposed as a homosexual :'(

It's a good movie that tells the story beautifully, whether through dialogue, acting or the set. I think my mum would like this (I judge most movies by whether or not my mum will like it - she has great taste in a lot of things. Hi mum!)

In other news, the recent Comic Con has led to the inevitable release of the peek into Suicide Squad. Apparently the sneak peek was supposed to be exclusive to Comic Con, but after so many people pirated it online (in low quality), someone in Warner Bros. decided to upload the HQ because "it's meant to be seen in HQ" and of course news outlets everywhere went nuts with it. The release wasn't that hot in Malaysia though because racial tensions were on everyone's mind.

Here's the peek! (I think Margot Robbie is going to be the next Megan Fox)

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