Friday, March 13, 2015

Songs I Shazam-ed this week

The only reason I listen to the radio is because my CD player and USB reader are both spoiled. Radio's not that bad, you guys. In terms of song choices, Red and Traxx take the cake. BFM and Fly have pretty rounded programming that I always fall back to. All the DJs on air are annoying, except for the guys on BFM's Morning Run and Fly FM's Ben and Hafiz. Hehehehe.

I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab for Cutie
There's an eight minute version of this song. Ain't nobody got time for that! Here's the radio edit (4 minutes).

High and Dry - Radiohead
Aaaaand I'm late on the Radiohead wave, too.

Chris Cornell - She Can't Change Me
This song is from 1999. Wow. Never heard of it till last week, and it stood out for me because of the vocals. It kinda sounds like someone from Audioslave or Staind (Okay just did a search, Chris Cornell indeed was indeed the lead vocalist of Audioslave. And he played in what would later become Pearl Jam!). Did a little bit more digging and did you know this guy did some RNB/hip hop thing with Timbaland in 2009? Weird for a rock artist, and weird on the first listen, but I think it works for the song below. This is kinda like what I was saying last week about Paul McCartney going from Beatles to working with rap artists - going beyond your comfort zone and embracing change.


Okayyyyy, that's enough rock history for the week!

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