Friday, March 8, 2013

maroon clouds

Earlier this evening, as I drove home, I used the route I had always used - out the T-junction unto the main road.

It was tonight that the streetlamps throughout this stretch of road decided not to work. As I looked to my right for oncoming traffic, I caught a glimpse of a spectacularly made night sky. It was so beautiful I have to blog about it! (Since I was driving, Instagram is not an option)

If you could visualize this, it was as if magnificent mountains descended out of nowhere upon the sky above me. They were giant velvety-maroon clouds looming over the darkened road, seemingly oblivious to its own ridiculous size compared to the tiny cars below. The lack of better lighting only accentuated the gorgeous night sky.

I saw it for only less than two seconds and the sight was soon behind me. But it was so pretty!

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