Sunday, October 7, 2012


Me: "...Looper at 6.45pm,"
Aidee: "What, you forgot it was at 6.45pm?"


Movie ini bagus ditengok. Time travel vs. Space travel (Inception), I think the former is more complicated because timelines are totally warped if one thing affects the other. Like, if Seth's body parts were cut up in the present, how did his future come back as a whole man? If present Seth's body parts were cut up, how does he grow to be old without those body parts, you know?  

I found this interesting Looper timeline infographic, might help to explain a bit:

Mum and I agreed that there was too much make up on JGL. Aging make-up lah, you know. 
At some parts, especially towards the end, his look reminded me of this ridiculous dog I saw on pinterest: 


Okay have another great October week ladies and gentlemen.

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