Friday, June 29, 2012

"Eat make up, at least you'll be pretty on the inside!"

I love to share the story of myself. (I'm a girl mah, hah!)

Make up.
I love make up. I love the little squares of colors, I love the shiny compact cases, I love the Christmas gift sets from Estee Lauder that normally come with a bag the size of a Myvi, and I love the brands. MAC. Body Shop. Bobbi Brown. Revlon.

Constance Jablonski//Estee Lauder Mad Men

But I don't like putting it on and I'm not a fan of wearing it daily. (In fact, I think the reason why my complexion is always so clear is because I don't clog it up with MU daily!) I never liked to wear make up because the eyeliner always smudges below my eyes. And mascara feels damn funky. And when you wear lipstick and drink or eat and wipe your lips, you have to reapply it. Mah fan!

So I really salute girls who can put it on every day :D

A few weeks back, I was reading up on this brand of make up's long-wear eye liner, touted to be the only eyeliner that doesn't smudge when you wear it - up to 8 hours of wearing! Amazing! So one afternoon, I went to the said brand's store to enquire with a make-up artist there about the eyeliner. I personally think eyeliner is like magic - it can transform my eyes. My eyes are very sad - they droop at the corners and I've no double eyelids (But they're happy eyes, all the same! :D) but when I wear them, BAM! "Aisha is that you? YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT!"

So the make-up artist told me about The Secret of Wearing Eyeliner So That It Doesn't Smudge Easily (it's impossible to have smudge-free eyes all day, she said, because of the presence of oil on our lids, which cause the liner to spread as the oil is excreted!).

The secret is - are you ready? - PREP YOUR EYES. Put some foundation, dab some powder (to keep the foundation in place) then bring on the eyeliner. Apparently this is what holds the liner in place - the foundation and the powder! And you MUST always spend time to prep your skin before making up, so it'll stay in place longer and better. And I'm amazed - after following her tip, it really doesn't smudge as much as it used to!

This is my morning kit - BB Cream (Foundation), Rimmel compact (Powder), Estee Lauder jar of eye cream (Eye shadow) and Estee Lauder eye liner. After a few weeks of wearing this combo, I found out that I've been wearing the Double Wear series - stay-in-place liner and shadow. Yay!

Do you wear make up often? Do you have a simple make up tip?


  1. I know next to nothing about make up. The most I've ever put on my face is blush and lip gloss - not even lipstick, tau, just gloss. And I didn't know anything about "prepping" the face for make up. Like you have to put make up on before you put make up on? Egads D: Also my mom says I hide behind my glasses so I don't need to bother with eyeliner or mascara or eyeshadow. The day I decide to go shopping for cosmetic supplies, you're coming with me kay.

    1. Hah! Lip gloss is also another weakness. Sometimes my hair gets caught in it.
      They call the pre-make *youdon'tsay* haha. There are make up tutorials for specky kids like you and me too! Only slightly more complicated than regular make up. hah!
      Yes! When you decide to gather some cosmetics...Call me maybe! (I'm having a phase with that song now)