Thursday, April 5, 2012

first movie of 2012

This year's first movie watched: The Hunger Games.

I fully approve for teenagers to read the Hunger Games because it's a better read than Twilight. Katniss is a 21st-century independent female as cliched as the term "damsel in distress" (but is far from it) doomed to fight for her survival in the totalitarian (I think!) world of Panem (presumably North America in the far future). The games are telecast to viewers as part of a reality series to keep the oppressed citizens in check (to avoid uprising, etc).

What I like about the movie: the clever use of the three panels for the viewing of Hunger Games. It may be a small note but it speaks so well of the multi-screen world we live in today: multi-panels for multi-input.

Stanley Tucci as the elaborate and emotive host.

This year's first book read: The Map of the Invisible World. Blogged about it here.

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